Predicting Consumer Confidence Using Social Media Data

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The Data

Coosto is a for-profit social media analytics company. The Netherland's Central Bureau for Statistics used Coosto to research consumer sentiment. Piet Daas, Methodologist and Data Scientist at the Central Bureau for Statistics, explains: “Because the volume of messages on social media is rising, it’s becoming relatively easy to conduct (market) research on a large scale with Coosto. At Central Bureau for Statistics, we’ve analysed the sentiment of online messages to gain insight into the consumer confidence.”

How the data was shared

Since Coosto is a for-profit company, much of their internal procedues remain inscrutible. However, customers like the Central Bureau for Statistics, are able to access Coosto's social media monitoring capablities to gain an understanding of market and consumer senitiments. In this case, Coosto's results were paired with the consumer confidence of Central Bureau for Statistics.

Purpose of Data Shared

This collaborative found that "the sentiment on social media is coherent with consumer confidence. The correlation: 0.88." As Piet Daas explains "The power of big data is that the information is accessible in real time. Results are available very quickly. Substantial data is an essential addition to current sample surveys. We expect that social media analysis is getting more and more important in the future and will be used more widely.”

Region: Europe and Central Asia

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