Physical Exposure Database

Observed Non-Personal Data Crisis Response

The Data

ImageCat and its partners will use remote sensing and geospatial technologies to create an exposure database to address earthquake, flood, drought, and landslide risks in Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Senegal, and Uganda. This technology and process has been developed by ImageCat and will be shared with a variety of reserch organizations to support the study.

How the data was shared

ImageCat and its partners were awarded a World Bank / GFDRR contract to develop this physical exposure database. ImageCat itself has the resources and technology available to collect GDP and economic projections, and through its partnership is able to share and pool this data to create more sophisticated crisis mapping datasets.

Purpose of Data Shared

In collecting, pooling and analyzing this data, Image Cat and its partners will e able to analyze the earthquake, flood, drought, and landslide risks of 5 SubSaharan African countieis, in an effort to improve their resiliance to such natural disasters.

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

includes kosovo