Waze Connected Citizens

Disclosed Personal Data Transportation Infrastructure


Google Waze shares crowdsourced user data with local governments around the world in order to improve traffic management. In its Connected Citizens program, Waze provides real-time anonymized crowdsourced traffic data to government departments in exchange for information on public projects like construction, road sensors and pre-planned road closures. The Waze Connected Citizens Program is conceived as a two-way data exchange program that provides data freely to participating municipal leaders. Since its creation in October 2014, the program has grown from 10 city partners to over 63 partners including city, state and federal government agencies, nonprofits and first responders. For Waze’s partnership with the city of Rio de Janeiro, it allowed government agencies to analyze congestion during the election campaign and to better design infrastructure to reduce congestion. Waze users also assisted victims of Hurricane Patricia in Mexico by uploading the location and details of various shelters in affected areas, and the Mexican government encouraged the public to use Waze to seek safety.

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