Valassis Data-Driven Disaster Recovery in New Orleans

Disclosed Personal Data Crisis Response


Valassis possesses one of the largest national address footprint data, which provides information such as the number of households in a certain area or those receiving mails at any given time. Valassis works closely with the U.S. Postal Services to ensure that their data is updated. This set of data is then shared with nonprofit organizations, such as Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC), to provide insights on neighborhood revitalization effort after hurricane Katrina.

Valassis shared its massive mailing address database with GNOCDC, which then used Google Maps and Street View to visualize the repopulation rate after the hurricane.

Valassis data is normally used to distribute promotional mails to American households. In this case, their database of address is used to track New Orleans' "repopulation progress block by block." The data has been used by local organizations to target their rebuilding efforts, and also to provide business insights and promote reinvestment in the area.

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