Utilizing mobile analytics to inform emergency disaster response in Turkey

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Turkcell developed Galata, an analytics tool that deliver realtime analytics from mobile data. "Galata processes and ingests more than 100 billion events per day into a smart analytics tool that can identify how many people are affected by disasters in all areas of Turkey."

"In the event of a disaster, authorised members of the governmental emergency response and aid institutions can request information from security-approved members of Turkcell’s limited and highly specialised operations team. This team, who are responsible for round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, are able to provide analytical outputs in less than an hour, following a clearly defined process of internal security checks."

"Through the use of mobile big data, which is a few TeraBytes a day, Galata enables disaster response teams to find citizens amongst the ruins of natural disasters, enabling them to save lives and ensure that the most vulnerable citizens receive timely and targeted support and resources."

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo