Upworthy Research Archive

Disclosed Non-Personal Data Security/Public Safety


Upworthy, a media company specializing on creating visual internet content, invited academic researchers to apply to get access to its database of A/B tests. The datasets will include headline variations, subhead variations, number of impressions, and number of clicks, among others, of over 30 thousands tests conducted by Upworthy from January 2013 to April 2015. Upworthy invites researchers from all scientific backgrounds and provides examples of possible research areas, including: - Political Science, Psychology, and Communication theories on the language that influences people to click on articles - "Organizational Behavior research on how firms learn over time (or not) through experimentation" - "Statistical advances in the analysis of experiments" - "Deeper questions about the knowledge from behavioral experiments and how useful they are at predicting future outcomes" - "Computer Science research on machine learning and cybersecurity" The data shared by Upworthy will not include any personally identifiable information about individuals.

Region: North America

includes kosovo