UNICEF uses CDRs from Telefonica to improve response and preparedness for natural disaster

Disclosed Personal Data Observed Personal Data Crisis Response


From a UNICEF blog post: "Telefónica mobile network data from Colombia will be used to show how data can be analysed to improve the management of humanitarian disasters, providing alarms, and supporting critical response and recovery monitoring. The natural disasters include an earthquake, a landslide, and a flood. They were analysed for this first project, using mobile usage data per antenna (e.g. the number of calls, megabytes, and SMS) and mobility data to understand human movement."

The data was shared through UNICEF's Magic Box platform, which allows companies to provide real-time, anonymized and aggregated data facilitated by an API.

The purpose of this data collaborative is to combine publicly available data and private sector data to better understand human movement during a time of crisis resulting from natural disaster.

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

includes kosovo