UNICEF and Amadeus Zika Tracker

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As a part of UNICEF's Magic Box initiative, Amadeus, a technology and data intelligence provider for the travel sector, shares travel data with the flight industry in order to help improve their marketing strategies. In this partnership with UNICEF, Amadeus leverages it data analysis tools to combine its travel data with UNICEF's health, government, social media, mobile and weather data to provide insights into the patterns of the spread of Zika and to predict potential outbreak zones. The data is shared through a private agreement between UNICEF and Amadeus. Amadeus has also offered the use of its data scientists, who have developed for-profit services to serve the travel industry. This existing infrastructure and clientele will make transitioning and combining the data with UNICEF's datasets easier. The collaborative between UNICEF and Amadeus aims to better understand and predict the spread of the Zika virus by analyzing travel data and combining this data with health, government, social media, mobile and weather datasets. In doing so, the aim was to create a robust model to track the geographic spread and evolution of disease, contributing to the ultimate goal of creating a real-time data platform to monitor public-health emergencies.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo