UNDP Moldova, Orange, Fenosa and the European Space Agency Data Collaborative in Chisinau

Disclosed Personal Data Observed Personal Data Disclosed Non-Personal Data Observed Non-Personal Data Infrastructure Transportation


The collaborative uses electricity consumption data from Fenosa, mobile operator data from Orange, and micronarrative data obtained from interviews.

To enable analysis of the multiple data streams enabling the collabroative, data was "fully anonymized" and prepared in line with "legal data protection procedures and legislation."

The purpose of the collaborative is to "assess and quantify the patterns and nature of urban expansion over time, identify where people live and how dense the city is populated using satellite Earth Observation and electricity consumption data and to analyze the mobility behavior of people living in Chisinau and the extent to which the existing public transportation infrastructure is being used, as well as identify bottlenecks by using the mobile data from Orange."

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo