UN Global Pulse and DataSift

Observed Personal Data Economic Development Humanitarian


DataSift, a for-profit company that analyzes social media data, shared data from social media posts about global development and humanitarian issues with UN Global Pulse in order to track the wellbeing of individuals and communities throughout the world. In particular, data concerning attitudes on social media toward vaccination campaigns, the Millennium Development Goals and the price of food staples were collected by UN Global Pulse through DataSift's services. Specifically, UN Global Pulse data scientists in New York, Jakarta and Kampala had access to the DataSift platform in order to analyze data from millions of public social media posts to further their humanitarian work. This collaboration between DataSift and UN Global Pulse Labs attempted to support UN Global Pulse with their efforts to use technology to provide better insights into humanitarian issues. By using DataSift's public opinion and social media analysis, tools and access, the goal was to gain real-time, accurate information about global development and wellbeing. In particular, issues such as disease outbreaks, unemployment and food security will be tackled using DataSift's capabilities.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo