Uber-City of Boston Partnership

Observed Personal Data Infrastructure Transportation


Uber shares anonymized trip-level data by ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA), which is the U.S. Census’ geographical representation of zip codes with cities. This data includes timestamp including the date & time for the beginning of a trip; ZCTA in which trip began (pick-up); ZCTA in which trip ended (drop-off); Distance traveled during trip, in miles; Duration of trip, in seconds; Technical support to interpret and utilize the data; Support for Vision Zero and other transportation safety initiatives.

This is the first collaboration of its kind, where the City of Boston has partnered with Uber to access their data. Since the data provided thus far has been too broad to draw meaningful conclusions, a bill is currently in the Senate that would require Uber and other ride-hail companies to give the city ride data based on much smaller geographic areas.

Uber shares aggregate data on travel patterns at the zip code level with the City of Boston in order to provide new insights to city officials on urban growth, traffic congestion, public transportation and climate change. This data assists policy makers and city planners in developing more detailed accounts of the needs of its residents. However, recent reports suggest that the data shared was too broad to provide meaningful analysis.

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