Turk Telekom Data for Refugees (D4R) Challenge

Disclosed Personal Data Crisis Response


Data For Refugees Turkey is a big data challenge. Three anonymized call detail record datasets, two files on cell tower locations and one year of mobile CDR data were made available to help researchers provide better living conditions for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Türk Telekom made all of the data available for researchers taking part in the big data challenge to enable them to create a project that would improve the lives of refugees. Researchers will be rewarded for their analyses of the social data, and how they used it to make a lasting impact on the individuals involved.

The purpose of the challenge is to have researchers use the dataset to come up with ways to help more than 3.5 million Syrian refugess in Turkey. The projects are meant to create solutions for security and safety, health, education, unemployment and social integration.

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo