TrafficJam Challenge

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A variety of private and public datasets were provided to participants via the TrafficJam website. They also had access to private tools donated by partnering companies. This included a Namara Catalogue of cleaned municipal, provincial and private data; the City of Toronto's Open Data catalogue; the province of Ontario's Open Data catalogue; IBM's Data Scientist workbench; TomTom's developer services; and Inrix's traffic information delivery system.

Since this collaborative did not directly access private data, but rather partnered with private and non-governmental organizations to support the challenge, data was not directly shared by corporations to the hosts of TrafficJam. Instead, participants primarily used open data platforms, which they could then combine to create their innovative projects. These data resources, along with further datasets provided by Think Data Works, were made available via the TrafficJam website (

The goal of TrafficJam was to combine the skills and knowledge of "engaged citizens, digital creatives and data detectives" to help improve Toronto's traffic and transportation issues through the innovative use of data and technology. By presenting this goal as a prize-backed challenged, the aim was to spark the development of data-driven solutions to Toronto's commuting troubles.

Region: North America

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