The Netherland's Center for Big Data Statistics

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A Dutch statistics organization CBS is experimenting with using big data from a variety of organizations in their Center for Big Data Statistics projects. This data is used to create high-quality visualizations and community data. Each project within the Center for Big Data partners with a variety of organizations from private companies like Google to data analysis organizations like Delloite. Since CBS is a government organization, it also has access to the Netherland's large repository of government and sensor data, which they are able to pool with new data sources to provide new insights. The aim of the CBS's Center for Big Data is to take advantage of the large repository of government held data about communities and individuals, combine this with new data from other partners, and frequently share this data with the public. The organization hopes to spark opportunities for "synergy applications" and "effectively observe, measure and describe developments in society."

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo