Telefonica Digital's Smart Steps

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Telefonica's Smart Steps is part of their Dynamic Insights data analysis arm that uses "fully anonymised and aggregated mobile network data to measure and compare the number of people visiting an area at any time."

Telefonica's Dynamic Insights, of which Smart Steps is a part, is a for-profit service offered to companies, local governments and other public bodies. In this collaboration, Telefonica provides not just the data, but also the products and services to analyze and act on the data. High-level demographic information about people's activities in a certain area can be made visible through heat-maps provided by Telefonica's Smart Steps team.

Telefónica’s Smart Steps product is an intelligence product enabling organizations to use fully anonymized and aggregated mobile network data to measure and compare the movements of crowds. It has generated deeper insights about the link between human movement and the spread of infectious diseases and provided vital information to local governments in designing policy and in their urban planning.

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

includes kosovo