Taiwan's Presidential Hackathon

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The Data

The Taiwanese Presidential Hackathon encourages cross-sectoral teams of participants to create new and innovative solutions to public challenges leveraging open government datasets, as well as open source information drawn from other sectors. Active topic areas as of mid-2019 include: Disaster Prevention and Public Healthcare, Youth Employment and Development, Social Security Network and Aging Society, Environment and Energy, Transport and Tourism.

How the data was shared

The government organizers provide participating teams with open government datasets and some "protected" data that can be made accessible by request to participants to inform their solution development. Participants are also encouraged to integrate non-governmental data sources where useful. Submissions are judged based on three central criteria: innovation, social influence, and feasibility.

Purpose of Data Shared

According to its website, the Presidential Hackathon "strives to accelerate the optimization of public services and improve the effectiveness of government services." Going forward, public officials will seek to collaborate with participants to implement winning submissions.

Region: East Asia and Pacific

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