Taiwan Economic Society Analysis System

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According to the website, "TESAS uses the Spatial Data Science and Big Data to aggregate relevant statistics from the 12 major thematic statistics, and graphically present the changes and differences in statistical data in the timeline and space. With such visualization results, let local creative leaders learn the current status and trends of local development."

The National Development Society (TIE) created the Taiwan Economic Society Analysis System (TESAS) to offer consolidated expertise, data, and related tools from across institutions. The twelve thematic areas included on the system are: - Population - Income - Economy and Industry - Traffic - Sightseeing - Tourism - Land - Residential - Environmental - Education - Cultural - Social Welfare - Medical

The Taiwan Economic Society Analysis System was developed to promote local economic development, cultural cohesion, and equitable urban development through access to data, insights, and collaborative tools.

Region: East Asia and Pacific

includes kosovo