Tackling Childhood Obesity in Scotland

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The Data Lab, a Scottish innovation center, has entered into a partnership with UNICEF to establish a data collaboratives hub to fight childhood obesity. They will use data from different sectors, like private companies, research institutions, government agencies, and others. Data sets like the weight of children, economic factors, diet, adverstising, and levels of exercise will be analyzed to combat childhood obesity.

The data will be shared through collaborations between various sectors, The Data Lab, and UNICEF. Data will be pooled from multiple industries at the start, but the data collaboratives hub will encourage other forms of engagement. The results of the data pooling analysis will be shared with UNICEF so that they can use the information to investigate childhood obesity in other parts of the world.

After launching a Data Collaboratives program with The Governance Lab, UNICEF chose to continue promoting the innovative platform with a European data innovation center. They recognized that solving the complex problems that face children today will require access to data and expertise across the private and public sectors. The current data on factors that influence childhood obesity is not comprehensive enough, and tapping into data from data owners like online gaming companies, school lunch suppliers, and television advertisers may provide a clearer view of the factors that contribute to obesity, in Scotland and around the world.

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