Sanford Data Collaboratives

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The Sanford Data Collaborative allows reserchers to access real-life health care data. The shared data comes from Sanford Health, one of the largest health care systems in the United States, and is meant to help move the health care delivery of communities forward.

Interested researchers must go through an application process that includes proposal submission, which will be assessed by Sanford. If approved, the requested data (with limitations) is shared, and researchers and their institutions are required to sign a Data Usage Agreement ensuring protection of released data.

Sanford Health aims to improve general health through innovation. The Sanford Data Collaborative uses exploratory efforts to seek out new, beneficial methods of health care. As one of the first data sharing collaboratives to work with regional records, Sanford Health hopes to promote the value of real-life, timely health care data and use it to benefit our population.

Region: North America

includes kosovo