Project 8: A Data Collaboration Platform For Sustainable Development

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Project 8 is a global, digital, community-based platform created to use data on sustainable development and evolving human need to help figure out how to sustain a growing global population. Project 8 aims to make data sharing a social activity by creating a Facebook-like platform for users to share their data with each other. The data that is shared relates to achieving sustainable development goals.

Project 8 has created a "cloud-based, open data collaboration platform" to bring together individuals and researchers from around the world to discuss and analyze sustainable development data. As people add data to the platform, the community as a whole can work to understand existing data, identify data gaps and brainstorm future possibilities.

Project 8 is bringing the global community together to promote discussion on sustainable development data and human needs perspectives. The project aims to use community to increase the usage of existing data to plan for a more sustainable future that can handle the expected growth that lies ahead. Project 8 comes in to facilitate evidence-based policymaking that will support the 2030 Agenda.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo