Opening up satellite data to track power plant pollution: WattTime

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This project will inovlve making government-administered satellite imagery data, e.g., from the European Union’s Copernicus network and the US Landsat network), as well as data from certain businesses like Digital GLobe. as well as data from a few private companies that charge for their data (like Digital Globe).

Data from a "variety of sensors operating at different wavelengths, including thermal infrared that can detect heat." Still in the planning stage, the information will be made broadly accessible to different types of users for scrutiny and analysis.

The purpose of this project is to enable greater transparency and public visibility of the amount of pollution that power plants are making. Monitoring and calculating emission data have been a challenge because many power companies are not transparent about the amount of pollution that they are generating. With this mechanism, the data will be accessible by policymakers and the public, which are expected to put more pressure on power companies to adopt an environmentally cleaner business practice.

Region: Worldwide

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