Open Algorithms (OPAL) Project

Observed Personal Data Telecommunications


OPAL (OPen ALgorithms) is a collaborative project developed by a number of partner organizations seeking to leverage the power of big data to solve public problems. According to its website, OPAL’s core will consist of an open suite of software and open algorithms providing access to statistical information coming from anonymized, secured and formatted data. In order to improve the accuracy and timeliness of the data, OPAL uses open algorithms, accessible via an API, to run on OPAL servers of partner companies, behind their firewalls. According to its website, these APIs will be used to access indicators such as population density, mobility, approximations of poverty indices, or literacy rate based on mobile data from telecom operators. Also accessible through the APIs is a library of certified open algorithms to extract these indicators in a governed and trustworthy manner.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo