oneTRANSPORT: Open Marketplace for Data

Disclosed Non-Personal Data Observed Non-Personal Data Transportation


From the website: "The oneTRANSPORT data marketplace unlocks hidden data about the operations of towns and regions that reside in a myriad of closed siloed systems across the UK. It then makes this data available through an open, standards-based system with data licences, enabling the creation of new data-driven Digital Transport solutions."

Data are shared by 'data publishers', which the website defines as "public or private sector organisations and individuals looking to share data within their organisations or with others. Such data may be offered “free” or assigned a “fee” of data publisher’s choosing. Data may be in its raw or refined forms."

From the website: "Public and private sector organisations are using oneTRANSPORT data marketplace to publish, distribute and consume both real-time and historical data to reveal insights and create new Intelligent Transport services that deliver: - "More efficient transport network utilisation: better matching of transport services with changing journey requirements - "Improved traveller / customer experiences: travel services that are focused around the traveller - "Reduced accidents and environmental impacts: predictive real-time parking information, adaptive route planning and reduced congestion - "Better infrastructure planning: deeper insight into travel patterns resulting in better long-term transport investment decisions - "Greater integration with adjacent sectors: improved transport efficiencies with benefits to health and social care delivery, manufacturing, energy sector, education and business."

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo