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The portal contains: Data - TBI - Depression - Schizophrenia — in progress - PTS — in progress - Pain — in progress Analytical Tools - TranSMART - R Studio Collaboration Tools - Idea Board - Activity Stream - Import from FITBIR Data Use Agreements

According to the website: The One Mind Portal is a data and tool sharing network that can be accessed worldwide. The Portal aims to foster open science and accelerate research dramatically, providing a community-driven analytics platform for collaborative translational biomedical research. In the data and tool sharing network, users can: - Publish and share their data as downloadable packages in a secured environment with established access control policies; - Lock or unlock their data for others on an individual basis; - Share data as standalone files, or integrate with other open source analytical tools, such as tranSMART and Trello; - Access third party collaboration tools in the same platform as the data, allowing curated clinical and outcomes data to be integrated; - Access data, data use agreements, and analytical and collaboration tools on the same platform using a click-through system; The Portal has a communications interface that provides the capability to message and collaborate with others on different levels, e.g. private messaging between publisher and users around data access, private messaging between Portal users, and private group discussions related to a dataset. In addition, a personalized activity stream enables the most relevant information to the user to come to them automatically from their research network.

One Mind Portal is an "open science, interactive, data exchange platform for all brain illnesses & injuries that aims to enable unprecedented data sharing, analyses, and collaboration among users." It is designed for neuroscience "researchers including clinicians, scientists, bioinformaticists, and trainees – from universities and public/private institutes worldwide."

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo