Economic Development Crisis Response


NetHope has a variety of projects that aim to provide cross-sectoral innovations and technology with the goal of achieving developmental outcomes. In one instance they collaborated with the private sector to map mobile phone data in order to map the spread of Ebola outbreaks in West Africa.

NetHope acts as an intermediary for a number of not-for-profit organizations looking to leverage technology to improve their work output. By becoming a partner or member with NetHope, organizations work through the project design and development phase; member engagement phase; and finally the funding and execution phase. NetHope helps leverage their contacts and expertise to guide organizations in this process.

NetHope's collaboratives are supported by 4 main goals as listed on their website. 1) Supporting practical innovation; 2) Simplifying and Streamlining Utilization of Technology; 3) Building Organizational Capacity; 4) Encouraging Sector-Wide Change.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo