National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership

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The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) is a partnership between the Urban Institute and local organizations that provides people with neighborhood data on education, health, housing, economic opportunity, and public safety.

There is no one single dataset available that has the data that all partners collect. Many partners do make some of their local data available for download, when possible, on their own websites. NNIP as a partnership is working on a “shared indicators” system to create a standard set of indicators that every partner will strive to collect. Data for selected national datasets are available through the Urban Institute National Data Repository.

According to their website, the NNIP serves to accomplish three main goals. They are: 1. Strengthen local capacity for data-driven decisionmaking. 2. Inform local and national policy based on lessons from local experience. 3. Build national support for community information systems.

Region: North America

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