Mobile Data for Food Security

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The Mobile Data for Food Security initiative is not a traditional data collaborative, as Nielsen does not share data but rather shares data analysis expertise. Nielsen advised the World Food Program on how to collect and analyze data received via mobile phone surveys in a safe and comprehensive manner and to ensure the data was valid compared with face-to-face interviews.

With help from Nielsen, WFP was able to use and adapt technology to aid in their data collection strategies: "optimizing the techniques used for collecting this information through SMS and interactive voice calls (both in deploying this technology and determining who to reach out to) was essential to updating WFP's data collection. Nielsen also helped WFP interpret the data and validate the quality of the various collection methods used, honing in on country-specific best practices where needed."

Data is collected by participants through a mobile phone survey that aims to understand food insecurity in order to advise WFP's resource allocations.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo