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From the website: - " enables citizens to securely store, manage and control access to their personal data by helping them to establish and own national/regional not-for-profit MIDATA cooperatives. - "MIDATA’s initial focus will be on health related data since these are most sensitive and valuable for one’s personal health. - "MIDATA cooperatives act as the fiduciaries of their members’ data. As MIDATA members, citizens can visualize and analyze their personal data. They can actively contribute to medical research and to clinical trials by providing access to sets of their personal data across cooperatives."

The MIDATA website describes the encryption and access control approach for the initiative: "Data are multiply encrypted and only the members possess the key to their data. Every data access is logged. Secure citizen-controlled data access across different national cooperatives will be established to permit global research projects and clinical trials."

The purpose of this platform is to give individuals control over their personal data while enabling them to also contribute to research that can advance innovation in the health domain.

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo