Industrial Data Space

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From its white paper: "The Industrial Data Space initiative was launched in Germany at the end of 2014 by representatives from business, politics, and research. Meanwhile, it is an explicit goal of the initiative to take both the development and use of the platform to a European/global level. The Industrial Data Space comes as an initiative that is organized in two branches: a research project and a non-profit user association. The research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It is of pre-competitive nature and aims at the development and pilot testing of a reference architecture model of the Industrial Data Space. The work of the research project is tightly connected with the activities of the user association named »Industrial Data Space e.V.«. The main goal of the user association is to identify, analyze and evaluate the requirements of user companies to be met by the Industrial Data Space. Furthermore, the user association contributes to the development of the reference architecture model and promotes its standardization."

Data sharing through the platform must full the following standards: - "Data sovereignty: It is always the data owner that specifies the terms and conditions of use of the data provided (terms and conditions can simply be »attached« to the respective data). - "Decentral data management: Data management remains with the respective data owner, if desired. - "Data economy: Data is viewed as an economic asset. It can be distinguished into three categories: private data, socalled »club data« (i.e. data belonging to a specific value creation chain, which is available to selected companies only), and public data (weather information, traffic information, geo data etc.). - "Value creation: The Industrial Data Space facilitates the creation and use of smart services and digital business models. - "Easy linkage of data: Linked-data concepts and common vocabularies facilitate the integration of data between participants. - "Trust: All participants, data sources, and data services of the Industrial Data Space are certified against commonly defined rules. - "Secure data supply chain: Data exchange is secure across the entire data supply chain, i.e. from data creation to data capture to data usage. - "Data governance: Participants jointly decide on data management processes as well as on applicable rights and duties."

From the white paper: "The »Industrial Data Space« is a virtual data space using standards and common governance models to facilitate the secure exchange and easy linkage of data in business ecosystems. It thereby provides a basis for creating and using smart services and innovative business processes, while at the same time ensuring digital sovereignty of data owners."

Region: Europe and Central Asia

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