Idaho Health Data Exchange

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Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) facilitates data-sharing of patient data between participating healthcare providers across the US. Through collaboration, IDHE aims to facilitate the provision of improved and better coordinated healthcare services in Idaho. IHDE currently has four models of connecting participants: clinical portal access, inbound interface, outbound interface, and bi-directional interface. The clinical portal access allows participants to manually search for data records with the information specific to organizations not included in this model. Inbound interface allows for patient records to be delivered from a participating organization's electronic medical records(EMR) / electronic health records (EHR) to the IHDE. Information specific to organizations would be included in the patient's records but not transmitted out onto the EMR/EHR. The outbound interface model delivers patient records to the participating organization's EMR/EHR platform from the IHDE platform. In this model, information on the patients will not be transmitted out on to IHDE's platforn. Finally, the bi-directional interface delivers patient records from a participating organization's EMR/EHR system to the IHDE portal, and the organization's EMR/EHR system receives patient record from the IHDE.

Region: North America

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