Hong Kong: Promoting Intermodal Transport Data Sharing through the Hong Kong University's Data Trust

Observed Non-Personal Data Transportation


In 2018, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR expressed concerns about the lack of data being shared with the government and the public by privately-operated bus companies. This triggered the Transport Department under the Transport and Housing Bureau to begin serious efforts to encourage the sharing of data from transport service providers (TSPs) such as buses, ferries, trams and metro. To provide these offerings to private transport operators, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) established a Data Trust. Through this initiative, major bus companies, the metro service and travel card operators agreed to share passenger, route, and time data for the month of May 2019 in respect to the Exchange Square Public Transport Interchange (PTI) in the Central Business District. The Data Trust was established with funding from the Government’s Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF) and the Information Technology Services (ITS) unit at HKU provided cloud resources for the Data Trust.

Region: East Asia and Pacific

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