Governance Data Alliance

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The Governance Data Alliance is made up of NGOs, governments, firms and donors that pool governance data from a range of sources such as the Affordability Drivers Index, Africa Integrity Indicators, Environmental Democracy Index, Freedom on the Net, Women Civil Liberties Index, and many others. The alliance organizes the data from all of its sources together to simplify data production and sharing and to promote the use of data in advancing democratic reform on a global scale.

The data is provided by leading governance data producers from across the globe. The Governance Data Alliance takes this data and organizes it on its website by country. Site visitors can select a country to see the history of governace data available, compare two countries' data side by side, or view data by source.

The Governance Data Alliance is meant to bring leading data producers together to increase the production of high-quality data, connect producers and users, and increase the use of data in democratic governance reforms. The alliance hopes its efforts can help make data production a more time- and cost-effective process.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo