GlaxoSmithKline and Community Care of North Carolina Medicine Management

Disclosed Personal Data Health


This collaboration between Community Care of North Carolina, Inc. (CCNC) with GlaxoSmithKline and the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy uses patient data disclosed in electronic health records to better coordinate healthcare efforts. The collaborative centers on establishing “patient-centered medical homes,” virtual homes for an individual’s healthcare, that provide patients with a single point-of-contact to help coordinate their medical care, arrange care with other caregivers when necessary, and house electronic health records. The collaboration aims to lower health care costs and improve health outcomes by building on the insights gained through the data in electronic health records. By sharing data with pharmacists, the project also aims to identify patients at risk for hospitalization and drug therapy problems and provide pharmacists with new tools and resources to efficiently deliver comprehensive medication management services to appropriate patients at the right time with the right interventions.

Region: North America

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