Ghana's Data-Driven Approach to Fighting Poverty

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The Ghana Statistical Servce shared satellite imagery with census enumerators working in the field to survey the local population.

Satellite imagery is shared and made accessible on digital tablets.

The Ghananian goverment wants its new census data to be more accurate, comprehensive, and granular than in the past and is dedicated to a "leave no one behind” ethic, which means counting every single person, especially those who are homeless or institutionalized and overlooked in the census data collection processes. Officials intend to use satellite imagery to identify all housing structures in the country. After the enumerators go out into the field, an image showing which locations they’ve covered will be overlaid on top of the satellite imagery. More granular data collection will allow the government of Ghana to design targeted interventions that can alleviate extreme income poverty concentrated in specific regions.

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

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