Feeding America and Map the Meal Gap

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This collaboration between Feeding America and Nielsen in 2014 collected and mapped data about food insecurity across America in an attempt to aid research and advocacy efforts. Nielsen obtained data estimates for food pricing through a multi-variable methodology that combined public data about income levels, employment rates and other socio-economic indicators at a county level. These results were used to build datasets on the Food Insecurity Rate, Food-Budget Shortfall, Cost-of-food Index and National Average Meal Cost.

Since 2010, Nielsen has released food pricing information to Feeding America as part of its "Nielsen Cares" global social responsibility initiative to use data for social good. Feeding America shared this information with the public through their 2015 Map the Meal Gap Report, developed with the assistance of Nielsen volunteers.

The Map the Meal project aims to track food insecurity in the U.S. to support activism and reform in this area. Most significantly the study found that 26.4 million food-insecure people live in counties where food costs are higher than the national average. This provides important insights into the cause and possible solutions to food insecurity in America.

Region: North America

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