Eurostat: The use of various types of big data for statistics

Disclosed Personal Data Observed Personal Data Disclosed Non-Personal Data Observed Non-Personal Data Economic Development Environment Infrastructure Transportation Telecommunications


Data being shared through the collaborative include: - Call Detail Records (CDRs) - Wikipedia page count - Google Trends data - Flight reservation - Scanner data

Portions or all data for a certain period of time was shared the statistics agency with varying degree of access rights.

The data shared was put to use toward a variety of objectives, including to: - [Obtain population, mobility and urban statistics estimation and inferences](; - [Explore Wikipedia page view counts as a source for culture and tourism official statistics](; - [Obtain demographic, social statistics, and labor statistics through Google Trends product](; - [Explore the potential of flight reservation systems data for official environmental, tourism, and transportation statistics](; - [Obtain price statistics through scanner data](

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo