Enexis Open Data Agenda

Observed Personal Data Infrastructure


Enexis, a Dutch energy company, makes anonymized data about residential gas and electric energy use publically available via its website. Since December 2015 Enexis's customer data can be downloaded via the website along with a "Point of Interest File" which provides information about all the above-ground infrastructure related to Enexis's power distribution.

Enexis makes anonymized residential-level gas and electricity consumption data since 2009 publically and freely available through CSV files downloadable via the Enexis website. With this data Enexis customers can also find the location of cables and pipes in their area.

Enexis shares their data publicly as part of their commitment to open data and transparency and to encourage innovation in the field. Customers may want to use this data to determine the distance of the nearest power cable to their home or just to determine if they can construct buildings in a particular location. Contractors and other businesses are also able to access this valuable information.

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo