DiSARM: Disease Surveillance and Risk Monitoring

Observed Non-Personal Data Health Crisis Response


DiSARM is a data-driven web-based platform that uses satellite data shared and analyzed by the Google Earth Engine to create risk maps of malaria prone zones and affected populations.

DiSARM was initially created by the Malaria Elimination Initiative in the Global Health Group at the University of California, San Francisco, and, according to the website, "receives support" from the Google Earth Engine. However details of this support are unavailable.

The ultimate goal of DiSARM (Disease Surveillance and Risk Monitoring) is to support data-driven decision making for malaria elimination. By accessing data from the Google Earth Engine and combining this with data regarding the health facility catchments, villages and schools, DiSARM creates risk maps to help relief workers design public health policy. DiSARM also has a prediction and monitoring component, allowing workers to spot incidents of malaria outbreaks and identify populations at-risk.

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

includes kosovo