DigitalGlobe 8-Band Research Challenge

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In its DigitalGlobe 8-Band Research Challenge, the satellite imagery company shared its high-resolution imagery data containing 8 spectral bands (hence, 8-band) with participating researchers. This included "coastal blue, yellow, red-edge and NIR2" data.

Since the original website advertising this challenge has since been taken down, it is unclear what the specifications regarding data access for competitors involved. However, chosen contestants were given the multispectral imaging and a few weeks to test and evaluate their algorithms on DigitalGlobe data.

This 2010 challenge marked the first time the scientific community had access to high resolution images with 8 spectral bands. This allowed unprecedented information to be gleaned useful in Land Use Land Cover Analysis, Environmental Mapping and Monitoring, and Coastal Habitat Mapping.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo