Data for Climate Action (D4CA)

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As part of the Data for Climate Action (D4CA) initiative, a variety of companies have made their anonymized, aggregated datasets available. Examples of particularly pertinent datasets include: 3-6 months of aggregated mobile activity between antennas in specific provinces or regions, anonymized retail data before and after a flood, aggregated transaction data from a bank from a time-period surrounding a hurricane, and electricity usage data from a city's transit system during the months of a drought.

The telecom company Orange, a San Francisco based satellite imaging company, Planet Labs, and Schneider Electric plan to contribute data that include mobile phone usage patterns, satellite imagery and energy consumption. The shared data will hopefully lead to valuable insights on human behavior in the context of climate change. In addition, technology companies SAP and Microsoft have pledged to support the D4CA campaign by providing technical expertise and computing power.

The United Nations launched the climate-focused open innovation challenge with a coalition of partners in 2015. The effort specifically targeted private sector entities in order to provide participants with as much potentially useful data as possible for developing new and innovative solutions to the challenges of climate change.

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