Data Does Good

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Data Does Good is a new source of funding for charities. Members of the public can elect to share their Amazon shopping history with the organization, that then pools this information with other charities to create a rich database of consumer transactions and shopping trends.

The Data Does Good system allows members of the public to donate their online shopping history and choose which charitable organizations will benefit. Data Does Good ensures this information is protected and kept anonymous to ensure the donor's privacy. Once this data is pooled with that of other donors, the data is sold to retailers, and the money raised is given to the selected charities.

The initial aim of Data for Good was to "find a way to help everyday people raise money for causes of their choice without having to write a check, volunteer their time, or change their behavior." By recognizing the value of consumers' shopping history, Data for Good allows individuals to provide financial support to charities in an easy and accessible way.

Region: North America

includes kosovo