Cuebiq Data for Good Initiative

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Cuebiq is a location intelligence platform leveraging the world's largest database of accurate, precise and anonymous location data. Cuebiq collects data through its proprietary software-development-kit (SDK) technology, which has been integrated in over 200 mobile apps, reaching a diverse user base of millions of anonymous users who have actively opted in to share location data. Cuebiq is fully GDPR compliant; its privacy-compliant methodology is at the forefront of industry standards and has earned the company membership status with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the leading industry association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising.

Through its Data for Good Program, Cuebiq provides access to anonymous, privacy-friendly location-based data for academic research and humanitarian initiatives related to human mobility.

Cuebiq's platform analyzes anonymous location patterns to allow researchers to glean actionable insights on human mobility. Use cases for Cuebiq's data include urban development, economic mobility, epidemiology and disaster preparedness and response. Through its partnership with MIT Media Lab, MIT is applying Cuebiq’s data to address pressing issues such as the impact of economic segregation on the development of neighborhoods and how certain establishments and businesses affect the nature and development of city areas. Through its partnership with University of Washington's THINK Lab, researchers are using Cuebiq’s data to understand how people moved before, during and after Hurricane Harvey hit.

Region: North America

includes kosovo