Consumer Data Research Centre

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The Consumer Data Research Centre (CRDC) is a branch of the UK Economic and Social Research Council's Big Data Network. It collects data such as consumer loyalty and rewards program, and product turnover, from retail and service businesses and uses this data for a broad range of study and economic policy to support research that might improve governance and livelihoods. This information is available to researchers in criminology, health, transportation services, and other fields. Consumer data is classified by three levels of access. The first is available via an open data portal after registration. The second is a "Safeguarded" tier, which includes data with restricted access due to licensing conditions. To access it, researchers must submit proposals for use. The third, "Controlled," contains data with stringent access restrictions, as some of the data may be personally identifiable. Controlled data can only be accessed at secure facilities at the University College London or University of Liverpool after proposal approval by the Research Approvals Group, which includes representatitves from the UK Data Service, an independent academic representative, the Chair of the CDRC Advisory Board, a CDRC data scientist, and a data partner representative.

Region: Europe and Central Asia

includes kosovo