Collaborative Study to Diminish Abuse on Twitter

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Twitter will share aggregated, anonymized data that can aid researchers in studying the issue of abuse on the platform.

Researchers participating in the abuse study and Twitter signed a legal agreement on the basis of data sharing. The following is an explanation from the researchers on the data sharing mechanism: > "Privacy is central to our process, which therefore limits the data we work with, protects the data when we’re doing analysis, and restricts our use of any data to this study only. We designed the study with Twitter in a way that allows us to evaluate the experiment without needing to know the names or other personal information of any account. When the study finishes, Twitter will prepare an aggregated dataset for our analysis. Data from Twitter will remain on an encrypted system of ours where we will conduct our analysis, and we will not share the data beyond that system. After confirming the integrity of the data we receive, we will follow the agreed plan to analyze the results. Since peer review can take time, and since other researchers may ask us to double-check details, we will hold the data and any backups for two years after the study concludes, and then delete it all."

The purpose of this study is to test whether having an explicit platform rules and norms will influence the way people behave on social media and reduce online abuse.

Region: North America

includes kosovo