Chicago Data Collaborative

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Members of the Chicago Data Collaborative seek out data from public agencies to help understand the criminal justice system. The collaborative has already released population snapshots from the Cook County Jail, a central bond court disposition audit, and bond court observation data. It also holds but has not yet released data such as arrests in Chicago since 2014, Chicago Police Department investigatory stops, State’s Attorney case-level data, and more.

Data is collected from all accessible institutions in the Cook County criminal justice system. Some of these data sources include the Chicago Police Department, the Illinois State Police, the Office of the State's Attorney, and the Cook County Jail. The collaborative has links to its public data directly on the website. Members and partners of the collaborative also have access to more restricted data and can see new data before it is released to the public.

The Chicago Data Collaborative is meant to teach newsrooms, academics, and nonprofit researchers more about the criminal justice system. These members and partners seek out data from public agencies, organize it and combine it with other data of its kind from different sources to make available to the public.

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