California Data Collaborative ("CaDC") coalition of water utilities

Disclosed Non-Personal Data Environment Infrastructure


The California Data Collaborative (CaDC) is a nonprofit partnership among California-based water utility agencies to automate the collection and analysis of metered water use. The compiled information results in a more accurate dataset detailing how much, when and where water was used by Californian residents to better inform water policy and operational decision making. Agencies, cities, and water retailers can volunteer to be a part of the CaDC and contribute to building a new data infrastructure for water management in California. The CaDC has non-profit status, and the data analytics tools it creates are drawn from open source software. Team ARGO, a collection of civic computational and statistical talent, was contracted to build, operate and maintain a new water data platform. This platform provides interactive analytics and data to CaDC utility providers and academic partners. Though this underlying data is not shared publicly, the code powering those tools is made open source where possible on the CaDC Github.

Region: North America

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