Beeline Crowdsourced Bus Service

Disclosed Personal Data Transportation


Launched by Singapore's GovTech and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) with a number of private and non-governmental organizations lending support, Beeline acts as a matching service between people using the Beeline app and the city's numerous private bus services. Beeline collects consolidated bus transportation and user data collected via the Beeline app, which can then represent "community demand" information. In doing so Beeline crowdsources transportation insights directly from the passengers using the service. These "user suggested routes" are created when there is a large enough demand for this route. Beeline attempts to close the gap between commuters' needs and the services offered by private bus companies by providing a feedback mechanism within the app. Its goal is to create a more responsive and efficient transport system by "crowdsourcing" bus services. The service has also led to the creation of [GrabShuttle]( in 2017, a fixed-route shuttle service that allows users to track the buses in real-time.

Region: East Asia and Pacific

includes kosovo