ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

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The Living Atlas crowdsources map data, GIS data and images from the public via its app in order to compile detailed geographic data from across the world. This information is then shared with the public through ArcGIS's Living Atlas platform, which shares images, maps and demographic information.

ArcGIS first collects the crowdsourced data through its Living Atlas Contributor App and Community Maps Contributor App, both available via their website. Contributors are encouraged to share map information, images or other data. Organizations are encouraged to share their data to increase their authority, and ArcGIS ensures their legitimacy by using an online app that scores the data and maps - only scores above 80 are included in the Living Atlas. Contributors also work with "curators" at Esri before the map data is shared via the Living Atlas.

The Living Atlas aims to be a comprehensive and authoritative collection of ready-to-use global geographic information. Beyond just being a way to collect more accurate geographical data, the web platform is also free to use by organizations and individuals to achieve their goals, from planning infrastructure to creating secondary apps and publishing individualized maps.

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