Air France-KLM Open Data Portal

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Air France-KLM has created an Open Data Portal to share their company information about flight times, flight numbers and routes, fares, transport conditions, and, by the end of 2017, flight status data.

The data is shared through Air France-KLM's Open Data Portal, which features a frequently updated and improved API for developers. Information is available after resgistration with the portal.

Air France-KLM has been investing in open innovation over the past few years, and has provided information to nearly 100 start-up companies each year. One product which was developed with their data offers and intelligent ticket office queue management app with digital tickets. The information on the Air France-KLM Open Data Portal is offered to developers and start-up technology companies with the intent that they can utilize the company's flight information data to build digital tools that improve airline travel experiences.

Region: Worldwide

includes kosovo