Ag Data Commons



According to the website, the "Ag Data Commons provides access to a wide variety of open data relevant to agricultural research and related domains. These may include subjects such as agronomy, genomics, hydrology, soils, agro-ecosystems, sustainability science, and economic statistics. Data included in the Ag Data Commons is funded in whole or in part by USDA."

From the website guidelines: "The Ag Data Commons hosts datasets, databases, and multimedia, as well as the documentation explaining these data products. These data are open, meaning they can be re-used free of charge and with few or no restrictions. If there are any restrictions on a dataset’s re-use (such as a requirement for attribution), these will be made explicit in the “License” and “Public Access Level” fields of the Ag Data Commons record. If data are being re-used, we strongly encourage appropriate citation of the original research as well as the Ag Data Commons record. "Data files on the Ag Data Commons are made available via direct download, or as a pointer to an external link. Data is hosted in the form in which it is submitted to the Ag Data Common. Most of the data on the Ag Data Commons was generated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and university researchers with USDA funding support. Datasets and tools are often associated with scholarly publications, but association with scholarly publications is also not a requirement for submitting to the Ag Data Common."

The Ag Data Commons provides access to a variety of data relevant to agricultural research. The goal of the Ag Data Commons is to "foster innovative data re-use, integration, and visualization to support bigger, better science and policy."

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